What is Ubuntu?


I am because we are with WMuBuntu has become known for the values and principles that it represents, as pointing to our ‘humanness’, and it is said to be about caring and sharing. All of this is true… but what does this really mean… especially from an Afrikan perspective, and how do we make this come alive?

Many books, articles and papers have been written about uBuntu, but in the end, the best answer to what uBuntu really means will have to come from one-self.

Here are a few of my most heart-felt explanations:

• uBuntu is the fundamental Unity Consciousness and a way of Being in the world
• uBuntu confirms the human in a process of be-coming as part of the dance with all of life
• uBuntu is the expression of our Godliness which is Love
• uBuntu is Spirit in action