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“The purpose of Reclaim and Live uBuntu is to share with the world the wisdom, the power and the truth of uBuntu/Ma’at/Oneness/Love as she continues to reveal herself and blossom through me as The Way and the fundamental realness of life; making it possible for us to reclaim and live our uBuntu.” ~ Anna-Mari Pieterse

Anna-Mari Pieterse was born in Johannesburg in the mid 50’s into a world that she describes as having played a fundamental role in what was to become her full time involvement in her later life, in the world of Oneness and uBuntu that she regards as Africa’s gift of Oneness to the world.

Since a little girl Anna-Mari wanted to know who she really was and to understand her own place in her own family and then in the wider community, world and Kosmos. All of this have been her inspiration to complete her degree in Counseling Psychology – majoring in Religious Studies – at the University of South Africa (UNISA), to become involved with Humanity’s Team, a global Spiritual volunteer Movement, and to become a student and researcher of, as well as an advocate for uBuntu and the concept of Ma’at as it underlies uBuntu through our ancient African Spirituality.

Anna-Mari has been a full time volunteer with Humanity’s Team since 2005; as a member of their WW Core Team as well as the WW Support Team as well as the Country Coordinator for South Africa. Anna-Mari was the team leader responsible for the writing and launching of the Humanity’s Team global Oneness Declaration in 2008 with this declaration having now been signed by almost 100 000 people from all over the world. She continues to play a leadership role in the advancing of the Oneness Declaration and pursuing the dream that millions of people will still sign this declaration.  (The global Oneness Declaration is also promoted under the uBuntu flag in South Africa).  Anna-Mari also co-leads the Humanity’s Team Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life initiative together with Steve Farrell –the WW Coordinating Director for Humanity’s Team.

Anna-Mari plays an active role in taking uBuntu to the global stage as Africa’s gift of Oneness to the world, with the definition of uBuntu being: I Am because We Are. Under her leadership, Humanity’s Team South Africa has been playing a pioneering role in getting a National uBuntu Day declared in South Africa, this as part of the dream of Humanity’s Team South Africa that South Africa will be the first country in the world to officially support the Humanity’s Team Call to the United Nations for a Global Oneness Day that has been celebrated by Humanity’s Team since 2010 on 24 October – a day that coincides with United Nations Day.

• Around the World in Oneness event hosting Neale Donald Walsch at UNISA in April 2007
• Humanity’s Team Oneness Summit – Awakening the Spirit of uBuntu, held on 18 April 2009 at Freedom Park as     part of the Spiritual Leadership Award presentation to Archbishop Desmond Tutu
• Walk for an uBuntu Conscious South Africa – I Am because We Are events: in 2013, as the highlight of National Heritage Day, and in July 2014 – both events at Freedom Park
• uBuntu Indaba – Recognizing the uBuntu Spirit of the late Nelson Mandela at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory on July 26 2014.
• Humanity’s Team posthumous Nelson Mandela Spiritual Leadership Award presentation event held at Freedom Park on 27 July 2014

Supported by her keen interest in ancient Afrikan Kosmology and Spirituality, ancient Afrikan symbols, Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Africa, anthropology, philosophy and the religions and spiritualities of the world, Anna-Mari is passionate about sharing with the world that which she has come to know as the Heart of uBuntu.